Factory Investment: Double-sided Bending Machine

New double-sided bending machine brings extended capabilities to our UK factory

Here at DisplayMode we have been making big investments to our UK factory, including a new double-sided bending machine. This machine has extended the range of materials that we can work with, giving more versatility to our customers and means we can produce a greater range of products in-house, providing a faster turnaround for our clients.

Double sided bending machine in action

What is double-sided bending?

Double-sided bending refers to the use of heat on both sides of a product simultaneously. Applying heat to both sides rather than just one reduces heating times and also enables thicker materials to be handled. Materials become flexible when heated and can be bent to the required shape which is then retained as the materials cool.

Benefits to DisplayMode customers

 3-4 times faster – using heat on both sides of the material significantly increases our speed of output and means we can work flexibly with customers to meet tight promotional deadlines

More consistency – double-sided bending ensures more consistency and gives us the ability to work with very intricate designs

Can bend thicker materials (was 3mm now 10mm) – our double-sided bending machines can bend much thicker materials improving the versatility and durability of our offering

Enhanced capability – our new machinery means we can complete more of our products from our UK factory. Working in-house gives us more control, keeps production local and provides a quicker turnaround for our customers. The reduction in outsourcing enables tighter sequencing, no need for buffer stocks, and from start to finish allows a better QA process, improved timelines and faster turnaround.

KeyTakeaway POS

Key takeawayThe double-sided bending machine is part of our recent UK factory investment programme. The improvements we have made to our factory capabilities enables significant cost savings that we can pass directly on to our customers. Our investment has helped us to reduce timescales and has enabled us to work with a wider range of materials with more accuracy, providing our customers with more versatility in their designs and shorter timescales.


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