Factory Investment: Fast-Track Joinery

New fast-track joinery capability in UK factory brings benefits to DisplayMode customers

We have recently made huge investments to enhance and expand the capabilities of our UK factory. As part of this expansion, we are now able to include fast-track joinery in our in-house offering. Fast-track joinery means we can offer added versatility in terms of design, as well as easier logistics and construction of the end product, giving our customers more flexibility, a quicker turnaround and reduced transportation costs.

What is fast-track joinery?

When we are talking about fast-track joinery we mean easy assembly, flat pack ‘Ikea style’ construction. Using a Rafix system and components, our fast-track joinery capability means we can produce designs that can be delivered flat packed for reduced transportation and storage costs, but are also extremely simple for our customers to construct.

Rafix is a system using fastenings which create a non-permanent joint. When panels are joined together it creates a rigid connection with no projecting parts. With Rafix we have the ability to produce a design in separate, less complex parts which can then be fixed together when required.

Benefits to DisplayMode customers

Enhanced capability and capacity – our new fast-track joinery process and machines has expanded our offering from our UK factory and means we can work to a faster turnaround.

Larger and smaller volumes possible – fast-track joinery means we can produce larger volumes bringing more flexibility for our customers in their projects. We can also work on smaller volumes making viable projects that previously would have been out of scope due to unworkable economics. For our customers, low volume production means testing and a fail fast and often approach is more practical, budgets can be better managed and improvements can be deployed; we can also fit with store opening schedules, removing the need to hold buffer stock for projects that will happen a few months ahead.

We have full flexibility to prepare work prior to assembly. Here we see edge banding for a great quality finish.

Flat pack – lowered storage and transportation costs due to reduced volume, and assembly costs are removed from the factory bringing cost savings for customers.

Easy to assemble – most stores cannot handle traditional flat pack construction; our designs are produced to be quick and easy to assemble in-store.

More flexibility – our in-house fast-track joinery capability means we can work more flexibly with our customers on a wider range of projects. We can also deploy internal resources better to fit the needs of the project; expand or reduce the production for better scale and to make timelines more suitable for customers.

KeyTakeaway POS

Key takeawayFast-track joinery brings new in-house capabilities to our UK factory, enabling us to work with our customers more flexibly and to meet a wider range of their needs. We can produce larger and smaller volumes and in a quicker time-frame; flat-packing means products are delivered and can be stored at a lower cost, yet are simple to assemble by in-store staff when they are needed. Our factory investments have enabled significant cost savings which directly benefit our customers, we are better able to match customer requirements, are less dictated to by factory constraints and are more able to meet our customers’ project needs and timescales.


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