Factory Investment: Edge Banding

DisplayMode invests to bring improved edge banding capabilities to customers

We have recently upgraded our edge banding capabilities as part of our investment programme of our UK factory. At DisplayMode we have a reputation for providing excellent point of purchase (POP) products, and this upgrade ensures we will continue to produce the highest quality products for our customers.

What is edge banding?

Edge banding is the process of applying a narrow strip of material to an exposed edge, giving the final product a neat and more durable finish. We have installed new, upgraded edge banding machinery to our UK factory, improving our capabilities and offering to our customers.

Adding a quality edge to a POP unit during manufacturing

What do the improvements mean for DisplayMode customers?

Quality improvements – our edge banding machinery ensures we provide our customers with a product finished to the highest quality and that will be durable for use

Better radius for curved edge finishes – whatever the shape of the product we are creating we can ensure it has the top-quality finish that our customers expect from DisplayMode

Much faster – manual edge banding is a slow process, with our state of the art machinery we can produce items with a much quicker turnaround and can help our customers to meet promotional deadlines

Tidy edges – our new machinery produces an extremely neat finish to our products and ensures we are providing the best quality products to our customers

Superior to iron systems – edge banding can be applied via an iron system. Our machinery allows us to automate the process, produce a better, more consistent join, and also work with thinner materials

In-house – we can complete a wider range of products from our UK factory giving a faster turnaround for our customers and enabling us to work more flexibly to meet tight project schedules. Working in-house gives us direct control over all areas of manufacture, also project and logistics complexity is reduced enabling quicker timescales

A one stop shop for edge banding. We can check the quality as we go along and keep the manufacturing timelines short

Reduced error – design and manufacturing can work together with each contributing to what is needed versus what is possible. Issues can be designed out before production and therefore future downtime is eliminated. New capabilities are brought to the designers to offer more solutions to customers.

KeyTakeaway POS

Key takeawayOur new edge banding machinery enables us to produce a wider range of designs from our UK factory, to a high and consistent quality, with a faster turnaround. The range of capabilities that the machinery brings means our designers can work with more freedom in their designs and our customers have peace of mind that all materials will be produced to the highest quality and to their deadlines. Our recent investment in to our UK factory has enabled significant cost savings which we can pass directly on to our customers. 


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