Why POP displays work

Point of purchase (POP) displays increase sales. That is the simple fact. But do you know why they increase sales? How do they do it? By understanding the why and the how will help you maximise the impact of your next POP display project.


Essentially it all boils down to this. POP displays are eye-catching and it is for that reason they increase sales. But we need to dig a little deeper to understand how this works and why it is important.

Did we say eye-catching?

Stand out from the crowd

When a shopper enters a store they are hit with a barrage of signs, rails, and shelves. There are products at every turn and this can be too much for a customer to take in. POP displays draw a customer’s focus towards a specific point. The design itself captures the shopper’s eye as it looks different from the other shelves and rails. The same product that may have been passed by when displayed on the shelf, stands out and attracts attention when displayed on the POP unit, increasing the likelihood of being picked up and taken to the checkout.

Impulse purchases

68% of purchases are made on impulse, and this is where your POP display reaps the rewards. A shopper may enter a store with a list of what to buy, but the reality is they can be swayed. POP draws the shopper’s attention away from their list and towards your display of products. They may not have originally planned to make the purchase but your product has captured their attention and it gets popped in to the basket.

Could you resist? The deal is so tempting!

Quick decisions

Actual purchase decisions are made in just 90 seconds. Your product needs to be seen, considered, and added to the basket in less than two minutes. By bringing your product out from the shelf on to a POP display you significantly increase the chance of a shopper noticing your product and deciding to buy.

Here we see a different kind of POP. To aid the sale of a service an “impulse dispenser” for pens perfectly partners a display unit of betting slips.

Co-siting for easy shopping

POP displays on their own make a big impact. But put two together, displaying complimentary products, and you can boost your sales further. In this example, a range of pastries have been displayed alongside the coffee machine. A customer may have only originally planned to purchase a coffee, but by placing the products next to each other, they become tempted to make an additional purchase of a pastry.

Doughnuts, coffee and pastries all within easy reach. Expect increased sales

Helpful reminders

Positioning a POP display of related products near a specific section within the store can help jog the memory of your shoppers about something else they might need. Perhaps a shopper comes in for a new swimming costume for their holiday, a display of sunglasses or suncream nearby can be helpful reminders of other items they may need in addition to their original planned purchase. This is also a helpful technique to use at the checkout. Small items that people may otherwise forget to buy can be placed around the checkout area, encouraging additional purchases.

A well designed, well positioned POP display unit will increase your sales. Many purchases in-store are unplanned and made quickly. A POP display helps your products stand out from the crowd, and ultimately increases the chance that a shopper will choose your product.

Clever design allows POP display to take advantage of unused space. Result?  Sales are uplifted!

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