POS Display Design is More Than Just Pretty Pictures

Take a quick look at our website and you see images of high quality, well-designed POP displays. But these are more than just nice pictures. Rather like an iceberg, the bit you see above the water – or in our case, the final design image – is but a fraction of the whole. Let me explain more.

Beneath the design

Brands and retailers approach DisplayMode with a need. This could be a detailed spec or a need to do something new and better. From here we work with our clients to build a specific brief that will meet their needs. There is a business story there that we must find and match with our own POP capability.

Take our work with Tic Tac as an example. Tic Tac was set to update their brand packaging and wanted a new display design for Shell petrol stations which would attract attention and hold both the standard packs, as well as the newer 200 count packages. The design we created went further than acting as a holder for the Tic Tac packages. As you would expect we provided a creative solution, mimicking the shape of the Tic Tac itself to draw customers’ attention to the products. But there is a lot more to our design than just looking good. The display was built to be adaptable within the petrol stations; using clever design the POP units could be used on either side of the gondola end giving each store flexibility. The unit was also designed to be adaptable and reversible to accommodate numerous shelf configurations. The final display looked good but was functional and adaptable, and following installation of the POP units Tic Tac sales increased by 87%.

When we worked with Activision to create a new unit for GAME stores, we had similar design considerations to create a unit that would be functional and work well within different store layouts. We worked directly with each individual store to ensure the unit could be placed near a plug socket so that once in position staff wouldn’t have to turn off the unit each night but it would automatically come on and off with the main electricity switch. Such a small detail and yet so important to the workability of the final unit. We also worked with each store to ensure installation of the units was made to suit their opening times and disruption in-store was kept to a minimum.

Monsoon Accessorize approached us looking for an alternative to the expensive metal fixtures they were using which were prone to being lost and were costly to replace. Fixtures were required for slatwall and pegboard store fixtures, as well as freestanding counter top units. In total 12 new items in different sizes were required to meet all variables across their stores globally. We developed a solution set based on petg and acrylic which would allow each store to select the POP required depending on the style of fixtures each store had. To make it easy for stores to order what they needed, DisplayMode developed an online portal so that orders for POP could be placed directly by the individual stores.

From building the brief, to scoping the design and thinking about the materials for the unit, through to arranging the logistics to deliver in-store – these are the building blocks that take a unit beyond the design and work to make a successful, well-designed POP display.

KeyTakeaway POS

Key takeaway

These examples (and we have many more) show that design must go much deeper than just what a display looks like. Of course, the design is important, it’s what will catch the attention of customers. But when you look at a design, think of that iceberg and delve beneath the surface and you will see it takes a lot more to create a design that not only looks good, but works.

Contact DisplayMode to find out how we could help your business or alternatively download our guide for top tips on how to get the perfect POP Display.