What is the best size for a retail sign holder?

Size matters

We are talking about end-of-arm signs, and the fact is, the size of your signs in-store really does matter.

If you are a follower of our work at DisplayMode, you may already be aware that Reflex is the world’s best-selling end-of-arm product; more than 8,000,000 units have been sold to leading retailers in more than 30 countries. We have the benefit of working with a vast range of retailers, seeing how different retailers approach the matter of in-store signage, what works and what doesn’t, and, from this vantage point, we are passing on our knowledge to you.

Your in-store signs should be one of the first things that your customer notices when they enter your shop. So bigger must be better, right? Actually, no. Too many large signs will drown each other out. Too much information on display leads to shopper blindness; there is only so much information that the brain can take in at any one time, if the senses are overwhelmed the brain will literally fade the signs out and your impact is lost.

This smaller size works for our customer Next

So where do you start?

How much space do you have?

Consider your store layout and how you want your shoppers to walk round the space. Where do you want to draw them towards? Then consider how much space you have in those areas. If your rails are close together the size of your end-of-arm signs should be smaller so they don’t overlap. In this instance, smaller signs will actually be clearer.

What do you need to tell people?

How much information do you need to communicate on your signage? Your end-of-arm signs work as your silent sales team. They communicate with your customers while they browse the store. Too much information though becomes information overload. Imagine being followed round the store by a member of the shop-floor staff continually chatting in your ear about this product’s features, that product’s versatility, another product’s best selling points…Argh!! It would be too much and your brain would just block out the noise. The same principle applies to your in-store signs. Too much information is, well, too much. The saying ‘less is more’ combined with ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ is good to keep in mind when deciding on your signs, often the most impactful signs have minimal text and use imagery to convey the message.

Pictures help identify products


You can help customers to make choices.

Who are your customers?

Also think about who your customers are. A survey by FedEx found a generational difference in how customers view signs. They found that 64 per cent of millennials (age 18-34) place value on creativity in signage. In contrast, baby boomers (age 55 plus) place higher emphasis on simplistic designs. You need to take your customer profile in to account when designing your signs and deciding on the optimal size.

Consider your colours

The colours you choose are also important. There is a balance to be had between consistency with your shop’s colour palette to ensure an inviting in-store ambience, with the need for your end-of-arm signs to stand out and be noticeable. Think about the colour contrast between the text and the background colour on the signs, the contrast between these two items is critical to what your customer will take in. If the colours are too similar the sign’s readability is reduced, this issue becomes greater as the size of sign gets smaller, though adding a border around the text can increase reading speed.

easy to change reflex graphic holder quick offer
Colours can make promotions clearer.

Testing is vital

To find your optimal sign size and design, you need to test. What works for one retailer may be very different to another. By using clear label holders like our Reflex end-of-arm sign holder products, you can easily display different signs, testing different sizes and designs, and assess what works for you and where you see the greatest sales uplifts.

The secret of the right sign

End-of-arm sign holders are great for boosting conversion rates and sales, in fact, high quality end-of-arm products like our Reflex sign holders can increase in-store sales by 25 per cent. The right size of the signs for your store will depend on many things – the amount of information you need on the sign, your in-store style, the age and profile of your customers, your shop-floor space and layout, as well as the distance of the viewer to the sign and whether they are moving or standing still.

100 x 100 Reflex Prime

There is no one-size-fits-all; to determine the right size of sign for you our advice is to test, analyse, and repeat (multiple times!).

A tip! If you are not sure where to start, we can tell you that our two best-selling sizes are A6 and 100mm x 100mm square. Perhaps try these and see how they work for you?

KeyTakeaway POS

Key takeaway

Have a walk-through on your shop floor and see where the signs guide you, and get your staff to do the same. Which signs do you notice first, are there some areas in the store which are overloaded with signs, are there some signs you don’t even see? Observe your customers – what are they drawn to, where are they spending the most time, are there areas they avoid?


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