POP Solution for Hundreds of Stores in Multiple Geographies

How hard can it be to produce POP Displays? Is it just a case of a pretty design and a little bit of factory work? Can things be more complicated than that? Some of our competitors will produce fine POP displays and we are sure that you will be very happy with the results. However, for us, a great design and a well made POP Display only begin to scratch the surface of what our industry can be all about. The following Monsoon Accessorize story will reveal the extra business dimensions of creating POP Displays.

About the customer

Monsoon Accessorize is a global brand with over 800 international branches in over 60 markets, and 450 stores in the UK. Monsoon Accessorize offers exquisite products that represent individuality, originality and strong global brand values. The company promotes cross-cultural understanding, expanding organically across the globe and international development remains an essential and inspiring area of the organisation

The challenge

The UK branch of Monsoon Accessorize was using expensive metal fixtures which were prone to being lost and costly to replace. The International team approached DisplayMode to find a more cost effective solution that was easy to use across all stores worldwide.

Solutions were required for slatwall and pegboard store fixtures as well as freestanding counter top units. In total 12 new items in different sizes were required to meet all variables across their stores.

The what and the how

With the Reflex range of patented sign holders at the centre of DisplayMode’s business, a specific solution set including Reflex Prime and Reflex Select was developed which would allow each store to select the POP required depending on needs.

The Reflex Select as used by Monsoon Accessorize

After the success of an initial trial in France, Germany and Norway, DisplayMode worked with Monsoon Accessorize to establish a standardised store kit that could be rolled out across all international stores.

It was important that each store could easily order what it needed. DisplayMode developed an online portal so that orders for POP could be placed directly by the individual stores.

The result

The UK team, seeing the success of the new POP, has also started implementing the range across all new UK stores and concessions.

Could we help you?

Read our case studies or contact us. Read the full Monsoon Accessorize case study by downloading the PDF

The Monsoon Story

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