More Sales at Checkout – Can POP Displays Help?

We all know how frustrating waiting in line to pay can be. Research shows that shoppers are willing to wait just four minutes before becoming dissatisfied, and 10 per cent will leave the store if the wait becomes too lengthy. 73% of customers say the checkout queue is their biggest pain point.

However, the customers in your checkout queue are in the process of buying; they have already made a commitment to spend. Making additional impulse purchases is more likely from these customers than any other area in your store.

If managed well, the checkout can actually help to increase sales. Whilst it is essential that wait times are not too long, you also have the chance to increase impulse purchases from shoppers waiting in line. Point of purchase (POP) can help you maximise this opportunity.

It is important to consider which products would work best at the checkout. Generally smaller, low cost items work well. Things that people can easily pick up and it isn’t going to add a significant cost to the basket total. What these items are specifically will depend on your store, Sephora, for example, displays travel-sized cosmetics and brush sets.

The key is to anticipate what your customers need and what they may not have noticed within the store.  Think about what items your customers most ask your staff about. Are there particular items your staff are often asked to help customers find? Which items do your customers often forget to buy?

Placing these items at the checkout will help jog the memory of your shoppers and help ensure they leave the store with all they need.

These are types of shelve units that are typical in petrol stations. As people are queuing up to pay products can be picked up easily.

Think about how you will display these items. On-counter POP can be really effective, yet a cluttered checkout desk will put people off. Consider what you want to display and how you can do this without creating clutter for your customers when paying for purchases.

Another option is to display items around the queue area. Again, beware of causing clutter or obstacles, but with careful placement POP displays around the checkout line can create interest and also distraction from the queue waiting time. Primark does this well, with display bins placed around the queue area that customers can view as the queue snakes round towards the tills.

A great offer and an unusual and POP Display unit on the checkout counter. How could you resist? Surely you will be stopped in your tracks?

Promotions often work well in combination with the POP at the checkout. Deploying an in-store POP unit that shows a 10% discount on a product has been shown to increase sales by 120%, this is compared to just a 20% increase if the POP unit is not deployed.  Offers such as ‘buy one get one free’ create a sense of value.  Victoria’s Secret, for example, encourages impulse purchases through ‘buy two, get two’ promotions, and customers feel they are getting a good deal.  ‘Deal of the day’ type of promotions create an urgency to purchase the product.

Equally, if the item you are presenting is interesting or different promotions may be unnecessary, with shoppers engaged to purchase them for their novelty value. Nielsen reports that 72% of public awareness for new products is driven by activities such as the effective deployment of POP units. So a promotion is not necessarily required to attract customers. As is often the case within the in-store environment, it is important to trial different approaches and test different offer types to see what works for you and best engages your customers.

Research shows that 40 percent of customers in-store spend more money than they had planned, this is compared to just 25 percent of customers shopping online. So this is a distinct advantage for bricks and mortar retailers, and well placed, well designed POP can help you make the most of this opportunity.

KeyTakeaway POS

Key takeaway

POP displays can help you engage with customers and increase your sales. Effective displays with the right products can create purchasing opportunities and encourage customer loyalty.


DisplayMode works with retailers to develop good quality, effective displays. Our service is totally modular and we can help you with all of the POP display stages from design to delivery to ensure your projects are successful. Contact us to find out how we can help you.


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