Interactive POS display for Activision launch

Driving consumer engagement with an interactive POS display for Activision’s Skylanders Superchargers launch.

We are very proud to showcase this recent project for Activision’s Skylanders game. This interactive POS display was commissioned for the new Superchargers game release. It was installed into toy and game retailers across Europe.

The brief was to get the consumers (the very enthusiastic yet very critical target market of children!) noticing, playing and loving the game

Pushing the boundaries.

This was no ordinary POS project. To make the characters come alive on the game board, our designers and development engineers needed expert help! They decided to work with software developers to programme solid state electronics to control both the video output and game play. They had to be certain of producing a robust platform and allowed the portal to read any product character merchandised in store.

The resulting design allows for the display unit to be used in two different formats. A fully interactive version with a Wii gaming controller for full game play and a semi-interactive version with the unit responding to characters being placed on the gaming portal.

The POS unit was designed to be updated for future game releases. It has a steel chassis for strength and security and lockable injection moulded front panel for staff access. This makes updating software or preparing the unit for a new launch a simple process.

As this was a European roll-out, we had to prepare language versions (with translated graphics) and then distribute these units across a number of European countries. The Displaymode installation team also successfully fitted units directly into stores around the UK.

Sally Dean, the Displaymode Account Manager for Activision, commented: “An interactive POS display, a European roll-out and UK installations – they’re all testing elements. Put them all together and you have the type of project that could keep you up at night! Thankfully, a wonderfully supportive client and a superb Displaymode team meant this was flawlessly executed. Happy client, happy staff, happy retailers and even happier children. A job well done. Thanks everyone!”