Shell Deli 2 go – Petrol Station POS

As a part of a rolling program to re-fresh Shell Deli 2 go baked confectionery, our designers have created a suite of new fixtures including this ambient food unit.

A number of key areas on the existing unit were identified for improvement. These included lighting, cleaning, use of accessories to select product, communication/POS areas, ergonomics and hygiene.

Making positive change, better Petrol Station POS

Our designers started by improving the usability of the ambient food display, which was to be placed in-between two Costa coffee machines. The design aesthetics had to entice customers and make shopping easier and a positive experience.

Mirrors were used to enhance stock, lighting was added to each shelf and all components were designed easy to remove and clean.

Shell deli 2 go is creating a fresh ambience in store which is improving foot fall and increasing sales.