Modular display system for Oral B

How do you get product into the customer’s hands and keep it secure? We answered that with a modular display system with a built in security feature.

Our design team set about the challenge of developing a modular display system for promoting and merchandising Oral-B products on shelf in pharmacies and supermarkets.

The solution they came up with has a cleverly designed plastic extrusion core. This provides the architectural foundation for adding injection moulded graphic holders and product dividers in a flexible way.

A wide range of coloured plastics can be used to adapt the display to a variety of sub-brands in the product range. This modular approach provides a cost effective method of communicating and promoting a wide variety of products.

Secure product display

The profile system was designed with a secondary purpose:  to allow real products to be displayed by creating an anchor point for the security cable. This means that customers can hold the product to assess quality without fear of the product being removed from the store.

An excellent example of creating maximum visual impact while considering the practicalities of future product merchandising.