Do you know your ‘ilities? – Your Reflex does

We noticed something recently at DisplayMode. We talk a lot about the ‘ilities. Versatility. Durability. Flexibility. Adaptability. You could say we know a thing or two about the ‘ilities. We live and breathe the ‘ilities. In fact, we’d go so far as to say the ‘ilities are our life blood.

Put simply, the ‘ilities is what makes Reflex the world’s best-selling end-of-arm product.  So, let’s take a look a closer look at them.

First up, Adaptability – Our Reflex range stretches to fit 98% of all arm-ends.  No other product on the market fits so many rail arms. And it’s not just arm ends. Reflex will fit ticket holders, clothes rails, shelf edges, prong arms, circular rails… Reflex fits them all. Our original sign holder, Reflex Prime, is available in a range of popular, pre-formatted sizes, adaptable to your ever-changing in-store retail environment.

New campaigns and messages can be rolled out instantly

Next up is Flexibility – The Reflex sign holder range is characterised by a unique flex action. When signs are knocked by shoppers or staff, they will merely flex back in to position. This ensures in-store graphics stay in place and your store environment remains compliant with your plans. The flexible design of our sign holders makes them simple to install, and promotional graphics are quick and easy to change by shop floor staff.

Moving on to Durability – We have talked above about Reflex’s unique ability to flex when knocked. This means our product can withstand the frequent knocks and bumps that inevitably come its way in a store environment. The specially manufactured range of lenses available with Reflex Prime are of the highest quality, and this, combined with the flexible rubber attachment, is what makes Reflex Prime a robust and durable product.

98% of arm ends can be fitted

Last but not least, Versatility – The Reflex sign holder range is available with a number of attachments – standard, prong, life jacket, button, and flexi strap, providing you with a versatile product option to suit almost all retail fixtures. For the signs themselves, Reflex Prime offers customers a range of pre-formatted sizes to fit a wide range of graphics.  Our sign holder range also includes Reflex Select. Reflex Select is completely customisable to any size required, tailored to meet a retailer’s exact requirements. Stores may be looking for a split sign, or perhaps need to display over-sized graphics – whatever the need, we work with retailers to custom-make a product to fit their needs.  Whether Reflex Prime or Reflex Select, retailers turn to the Reflex sign holder range for a truly versatile product option.

High up? No problem, the Reflex can shout out your message

So, there we have it. The ‘ilities. Adaptability. Flexibility. Durability. Versatility. Four small words that make us the biggest-selling end-of-arm product in the world. We have sold over 8 million units to leading retailers in more than 30 countries. Why not order a samples box and test the ‘ilities for yourself?

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