76% of purchase decisions made while moving around store

Studies into the shopping habits of retail customers have shown that 76% of purchase decisions made by consumers are taken while moving around the store. Just think about your last time in the checkout line at a retail store; you would have noticed that savvy brands maximise POS marketing at this point to ensure that customers don’t leave the store without their products.

POS display units are the ideal way to engage the attention of potential customers and influence them towards making a buying decision. An effective POS design and deployment strategy helps to promote brand recall and awareness while helping you to sell more products. The whole point of a POS display unit is to create and deliver a dramatic and unforgettable shopping experience to your customers.

To keep your displays engaging and refreshing, it is essential that you have professional guidance to help you during the design and manufacturing of your POS display solution. (This guide contains all the necessary information and actionable steps you need to creatively design and manufacture your POS display units.)

When looking for the best POS display solution for your brand or retail outlet, the kind of products to be displayed will play a major role in determining your requirements. Generally speaking, your requirements will fall into one of the following POS display categories

Stock Display Products

Easy to change – help customers understand

Classified as “off the shelf” displays, these range of POS display units are a cost-effective solution for your retail brand. They have been specially designed and manufactured to grab and keep your customers’ attention while achieving a uniform and cohesive look across the retail space. A remarkable example of this category of POS display solution is DisplayMode’s Reflex sign holders.

Temporary/Promotional Display Products

Just for the summer. Keep the costs relative

This category of POS display solutions is targeted at brands that want to embark on a short-term marketing campaign. In such situations, it is essential that you choose materials and make use of design and manufacturing techniques that will ensure that the POS display units are produced on budget and before the deadline. However, care must be taken in the sequencing of the project since promotional information such as product pricing, discounts and customer offers can arrive very late in the process.

Permanent Display Products

Can’t skimp on the materials in terms of cost. Food and hygiene to be considered

As the name implies, these POS solutions are designed for long-term impact on the retail environment. Usually, such solutions require the use of very durable materials and adequate time must be mapped out for design input, material selection, development, prototyping and other related procedures. To ensure that your projects’ objectives are met, you must develop a detailed project plan and ensure that the supplier strictly adheres to it.

Although the above information will help you immensely during the design phase of your POS display project, you still need a plethora of expert advice and strategies to ensure that the entire project is exceptionally successful.

Download the full guide to get access to an amazing array of information and actionable steps that will ensure the uniqueness and effectiveness of your POS display project.

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