70 percent of purchase decisions are made after customers enter the store

Over the past few years, research has shown repeatedly that about 70 percent of purchase decisions are made after customers enter the store. This is one of the reasons why sign holder displays (and the impulse purchases they generate) are critically important for brick-and-mortar stores.

These display solutions can be used not only to stimulate impulse purchases but also to persuade shoppers to add more items to their baskets. By using the right strategy, you can introduce shoppers to better or complementary products to those they’re interested in.

Displays that Indicate New Products and Brands

One of the downsides of the post-recession sales promotions, originally designed to generate store traffic after the 2007-2008 financial crisis, is that they have eroded shoppers’ loyalty.

Because many consumers don’t buy anything unless they’re getting a discount, sales promotions still abound in shopping malls, outlets and shops across the UK.

But the main problem with in-store promotions is that most of them fail to deliver significant ROI. As a result, retailers are actually losing money instead of making profits.

Tap into the novelty factor. Tell them directly.

For example, if you discount certain items by 50%, you’re going to have to sell twice as much in order to meet your revenue goals.

Since sales promotions make a lot of sense in specific situations, there is something retailers and brands can do to mitigate revenue and profit losses; namely, sell as many items as possible at full price. One efficient strategy is to use graphic holders that draw customers’ attention to new product offerings.

No matter what products you’re offering to your customers, using graphic holders to promote new merchandise will help your customers find your products easily.

Displays that Promote Successful Trios: New Arrivals, Regular Priced and Sale Items

By using display solutions to combine new arrivals with items on sale and regular priced merchandise, you can catch shoppers’ attention and cross-sell the whole bundle.

If you suggest some irresistible combos to your customers, for example, you can end up selling items belonging to all three product categories. Furthermore, these types of “trios” can encourage customers to add higher-value items to their baskets.

Offer a simple choice. New, regular or a discount.

Although the opportunities for using different sign holders and other display solutions to enhance the relationship with your customers are endless, there is a major downside retailers and brands need to be aware of: excessive display stimuli around stores can be overwhelming.

The widespread usage of in-store displays can be compared to online spamming. Similar to spam messages, display clutter in stores can irritate shoppers and have an opposite effect to the one intended.

Thus, using numerous display solutions won’t necessarily enhance the shopping experience. Instead, opting for relevant display solutions and placing them strategically, in conjunction with your store’s design concepts, is the only way to create a truly synergetic effect.

When it comes to selecting display solutions for physical stores, the sign holders we’ve presented in this blog post series are certainly not the only “winning” options. But if you stick with the marketing principles behind them, you’re more likely to increase your in-store sales.

At DisplayMode, our professionals enjoy designing and manufacturing innovative, creative and high-quality display solutions for leading retailers and brands throughout the UK. Whether you’re looking for graphic holders, display stands or digital/interactive POS displays, DisplayMode has the perfect display solutions for your store.

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