Discover a New and Interesting Perspective on Brick-and-Mortar Marketing

“Point of sale seems to be more about brand awareness and brand formation rather than sales promotion”.

I cannot deny it: that is a very interesting point of view, recently expressed by Leon Edwards, Managing Director at DisplayMode. But is his opinion also valid and relevant in the current retail environment?

As an experienced professional with a solid marketing background, excellent entrepreneurial skills, and profound understanding of the retail industry, Leon Edwards is one of the influencers who can provide reliable advice on retail marketing.

It is for this reason we have decided to create a blog series that centres around a few interesting aspects pointed out by Leon Edwards in a recent interview.

To be more specific, this series is aimed at giving brick-and-mortar retailers and brands ideas on how to use POS display more efficiently in order to boost their marketing strategies.

Undoubtedly, achieving success in today’s marketplace is the most important thing for any large or small business, irrespective of the industry niche. But to find success in the highly competitive retail environment, brick-and-mortar retailers and brands can no longer compete on price alone.

The best way for a retailer or brand to go about finding success is to differentiate itself from the competition, whilst focusing on the needs and wants of its customers. After all, delivering a distinctive shopping experience that meets expectations is what keeps shoppers coming back.

Since putting convenience and personalised service right at the customers’ fingertips is one of the few things a retailer or brand can do to offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, there is only one logical conclusion we can draw: the physical stores and brands that ignore the latest advances in technology, such as VR and AI—which provide a completely new medium where the online and in-store experiences no longer exclude each other—will be missing out on some tremendous sales opportunities, despite having the advantage of connecting with customers in person.

Fortunately, as experts in the field on POS advertising, the DisplayMode team understands the importance of integrating innovative technologies, such as POS interactive displays, in brick-and-mortar retail environments.

To help retailers and brands make the most of their POS display initiatives, here are a few essential points we’re going to discuss in the next five blog posts:

  • How retail marketing differs from general marketing;
  • Why it’s important to have a POS advertising budget;
  • Why you need to identify your target audiences;
  • How prototyping and testing can help you boost your retail marketing strategy;
  • Why it’s critical to get things right the first time.

key take awayKey takeaway:

Constantly updating your retail marketing strategy to meet the latest trends and customers’ new expectations won’t only allow you to deliver unique shopping experiences; it will also enable you to bring your brand to life in the finest of details.

Although we’re currently working on this blog series, you don’t have to wait for the next posts to get the answers you’re looking for. If you have any questions about our POS display solutions and how you can use them to build brand awareness and boost your sales, please feel free to contact our friendly team today on +44 (0) 1536 460805.


There are six articles in this Leon Edwards interview series: