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The Art of Understanding the Customers behind Buyer Personas

Posted: 8 June 2017

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve is probably the most important part of your retail marketing strategy. Defining marketing goals, however, can be very difficult in the absence of buyer personas.

A validated segmentation of an intended or existing customer base is what any retailer or brand needs to do before attempting to build a successful retail marketing strategy.

Market segmentation of men

Can we get anymore obvious than this?

Because a marketing initiative intended to boost sales, for instance, is completely different from one that focuses on generating brand awareness, creating buyer personas provides two major benefits:

  1.  it allows you to understand the motivations, goals, and needs of your target audience, which will facilitate a more consistent marketing approach;
  2. it can help you fine-tune your in-store operations, including POS advertising, which will provide a reliable foundation for higher quality sales leads and more targeted analytics.

In the current retail environment, the target market isn’t necessarily a group of customers interested in purchasing a particular product but a brand’s or a retailer’s highly specific audience.

What’s more, Leon Edwards has recently emphasised the importance of aligning marketing initiatives with buyer personas. Whilst aligning marketing strategies with customer needs can bring along many game-changing benefits, failure to do so may lead to fewer sales leads, with a negative impact on your business.

Take, for example, a company that produces skincare products specifically tailored to women, but their marketing—ranging from brand creation, logo and concepts to illustration and online messaging—is very masculine. In that case, the company conveys contradictory messages that could drive potential clientele away.

key take awayKey takeaway:

The best way to go about retail marketing is to create well-defined buyer personas first and then develop a marketing initiative specifically for the customers you want to attract. This is what will help you get the right marketing messages across to your target audience, irrespective of the promotional tools you use, including POS displays.

The importance of developing a comprehensive marketing strategy for detailed buyer personas cannot be overstated. More importantly, the efforts you put into leveraging all the tools you need in order to create an effective retail marketing strategy will definitely pay off over time, as revealed by HubSpot.

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