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Posted: 8 August 2019

If you are anything like me every morning begins with a strong coffee and a trawl through the inbox. Lots of deleting of rubbish, flagging of must-do-that-day tasks, and keeping of industry relevant news and opinion pieces to read when I get a second later in the day.

And if you are anything like me every evening finishes with a vaguely less-strong coffee and a desperate effort to just get that one last must-do task finished, and, oh gosh I am going to have to sort through the industry news stuff tomorrow.

Tomorrow? See above and repeat.

By the end of the week I have an inbox full of potentially useful and enlightening articles but realistically I just don’t have time to separate the wheat from the chaff, and so they go unread.

If this is your reality, then DisplayMode can help!

On our blog you gain access to all our curated articles. Want to know about the latest news, trends, and technology affecting the POP industry? This is the place for you.

And you can even subscribe to our newsletter to get direct access straight to your inbox. Delete any of your current subscriptions that are cluttering up your email and going unread. Reduce it down with this one newsletter that will tell you all the latest important stuff. This is KonMari for your inbox.

As part of signing up you will receive our recent POP education email series. This comprises six top tips – one per email, that will arrive in your inbox over a period of time – and includes information and pointers such as how to boost sales at the checkout, how to influence in-store purchasing decisions, and how Tic Tac used POP to increase sales by 87%.

We also have The POS Academy. It is a central hub on our website where we place our key blog pieces that have proved most useful to our readers. So, if during your day you need to reference something or refresh your memory about some particular facts or figures, this is the place to come.

And finally, we have our Guides. These take an in-depth look at specific areas relevant to point of purchase. They can be downloaded from our website by registering your details, and access is free.

Currently you can download:

How to turn your POS display project into a success – taking you through all of the stages required to get a POS display designed and manufactured.

Why design is so much more than it looks – the theory on what makes good design, considerations you should take for your own POP displays, and real examples where careful consideration was needed to take existing projects to new levels of performance.

Recycling basics for POP – to help you better understand your options in terms of materials for your POP project.

We have also just written a new guide...

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