Bamboo sheets in UK factory brings new options to our customers

We recently introduced bamboo sheets as a material within our UK factory at DisplayMode. Bamboo is a sustainable material that is strong, yet light and with an appearance similar to oak.  We recently used bamboo for our ‘Jamie Oliver Deli by Shell’ project, and we think you’ll agree the finished product looks amazing.

Jamile Oliver project at Shell garages
Bamboo in food cabinets

What is bamboo?

Of course we know pandas have a taste for it, but what does bamboo bring to us as a material for point of purchase (POP)?

Technically bamboo is not actually a tree, it belongs to a family of grass plants. When harvested it can be formed in to sheets that provide a material for POP which looks beautiful, is strong, lightweight, and is hard-wearing in stores.

Bamboo benefits

Sustainability and the environmental impact

Bamboo is quick growing and ready to harvest usually between three and six years, this compares to around 150 years for English oak. Also, unlike trees, no carbon is released in to the atmosphere when bamboo is harvested. Being typically much smaller than a tree, bamboo has the additional advantage of being able to be harvested by hand or small chain saws, rather than large machinery, reducing the level of fossil fuel involved in its harvesting, loading and transporting.

Quality finish

The wood effect is fabulous!

Bamboo may not technically be a wood, but you wouldn’t know that to look at it when it is machined and ready to use. It is an abrasive material but machines and sands easily to provide a smooth, top-quality finish to rival oak, yet also has the benefit of being lightweight. You can achieve a beautiful grain effect and it is light in colour which also lends itself to laser-etching for a clean, modern design as we saw in the Jamie Oliver example above.


Bamboo is quick to grow for harvesting, but as a machined material is hard wearing and lasts for years. POP that uses bamboo can withstand heavy store traffic, knocks and bumps, and still look as good as new. For companies that are looking to invest in a material that will last for years, bamboo is certainly worthy of consideration alongside the traditional woods.

At DisplayMode we test and consider new materials. In this case bamboo
KeyTakeaway POS

Key takeaway At DisplayMode we have bamboo sheets available in 16mm and 40mm sheets, providing scope for a wide range of point of purchase (POP) projects. Contact us to find out how bamboo could be used on your next project.