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reflex in a discount store

How to Increase Retail Sales with a Simple Graphic Holder Display

Posted: 22 September 2017

Bookmark this blog.  We bring together a number of resources and images to inspire you. Graphic holders, such as the Reflex, do not cost the earth and are indeed very versatile. All you need is a few ideas, read on for some high street examples.

Simple and Clear Messages Help

simple clear messages for retail sales with reflex graphics holder

Clear offer. No confusion

Studies continue to show that a key to converting sales is a simple and clear message. Read our blog that explores this subject on clear messaging.

Message Consistency

Presenting a brand consistently makes it 3 to 4 times more likely to be recognised. Done well, this consistent branding effort can lead to a 23% revenue increase. Read the blog on message consistency.

The following images tell a story from the shop department to the rail and then finally to the product. Hat tip to Matalan for this clever usage of in-store communication.

brand product message consistency

Attract attention from a distance

image consistency for products

Follow the messaging to the rails

in-store message consistency

Tie the rail and product together with consistent messaging

message consistency in-store

All working together in harmony

message consistency

All angles covered

message consistency education

Educate the customer. Help them understand.

And oh, to make this really work, start the messaging before people visit your store.

Make Suggestions to Help Customers

Try to build up a mental image inside the customer's mind on how the products could be used or worn. Give them ideas to spark a desire.

eoa integrated sales

The solution is at hand

Make a suggestion.

sell the idea of product combination

Now sell the idea

Tell People What's New

We are all interested in NEW!

just arrived

New, New and New!

Pricing, Discounts and Deals


Help me find my deal.

2 for offers

Clear indication on how to find the offers

sales deals

Know the deal and sell more

not all deals

Not everything has to be discounted. Draw people in.

Reflex Graphic Holders

With a little bit of imagination, you can help your shoppers navigate your store to find the products and deals that will help generate sales. Browse our catalogue and order a free sample box to discover the proven power of the Reflex Graphic Holder.

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