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Does workplace diversity benefit POP design and manufacture?

Posted: 22 February 2017

In the picture above we can see one of our designers going through the various stages of development design. The design team can speak languages from Europe, Africa and Asia.

What is the value of diversity to our customers?

In this era of globalisation, diversity is changing the way companies operate. It can help businesses gain a competitive market advantage. In the field of point-of-purchase displays, this can mean taking advantage of cultural and language skills and use cultural insights to make it easy to appeal to a broader range of consumers.

It has been proven that heterogeneous groups can contribute immensely through innovative ideas brought about by diverse opinions and experiences. A study by sociologist Cedric Herring of the University of Illinois revealed that firms with a diverse workforce enjoy increased sales. On average, the rise results in 15 times more revenue.

Key benefits of workplace diversity

A company's willingness to embrace and nurture diversity benefits its operations, clients and partners. This is particularly interesting in the POS display manufacturing sector and especially at DisplayMode.

Some of the key advantages we see in embracing diversity include:

  • Variety of viewpoints – a diverse workforce brings different viewpoints that are beneficial to the creative potential of the entire team. The POS display design process requires innovative concepts. The ideas need to fit with the target consumer market and the retailer's marketing strategy.
  • Increased adaptability – retail display manufacturers with a diverse pool of professionals offer a greater variety of solutions. This contributes to improved adaptability and in-store marketing outcomes.

Impact of diversity on consumer trends

Strong migration flows into the United Kingdom are transforming consumer trends in the retail sector. As a result, shopping habits are evolving in tandem with the wider demographic changes. In turn, this creates new opportunities for retailers. To capitalise on changes, merchants need to adopt marketing techniques that appeal to a multicultural customer base. The evolving demographic profile is influencing shopping preferences and purchasing power.

A feeling of prestige in this POP

Taking advantage of diversity to achieve POP display objectives

Diverse structural design teams help retailers implement effective diversity marketing campaigns. They understand a wide range of cultural shopping preferences. In addition, the professionals have much-needed language skills. This is useful at various stages, including design and prototyping.

DisplayMode employs 52 people in its Corby manufacturing plant from 14 countries, speaking over 20 languages. The team helps you adapt the structural design of point-of-sale displays to the market. An effective in-store advertising concept takes into account the multicultural context at all production stages. This requires detailed insights about consumer values, perceptions, ideals and methods of communication. We believe this helped us to export to 39 countries in 2016.

The diverse consumer base in the United Kingdom has different perspectives. Some shoppers may not fall for generic concepts that are tweaked to suit particular demographics. This means retailers need to combine authentic, relevant messages with eye-catching stand designs.

Cultural beliefs influence perceptions. For instance, different cultures perceive colour in distinct ways. Some consider certain numbers and colours sacred or unlucky. For this reason, it is vital to present the appropriate in-store advertising visuals. Diverse creative teams help retailers pick the right colours and other elements for the POP displays.

A few colours can be considered neutral across different cultures, including green, blue and white. It is important to note that colour decisions are not trivial when it comes to marketing. For instance, a hot dog chain was advised to add a shade of orange to its branding by colour consultants. The move led to a 7 percent rise in sales figures.

DisplayMode offers diverse design and production teams, our professionals can help you create retail displays that appeal to a multicultural customer base. To learn more about our range of services, contact us today.



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