A summer of sand, sea and Reflex

While some of you have been watching the World Cup the Reflex Sign Holders have had a busy summer. We decided to take a walk around some of the “big” names to find out what summer had in store for these great POP sign holders. We saw some great stuff and here we present a few pics of our findings. Enjoy!


The picture above is from Morrisons and here is another.

Always strong on the kids stuff


Strong price communication


Did we say strong price communication?



Not meant for your granddad.  (The young ones can relax!)


Clear prices


The TV has a video loop discussing where your mum would like to go on holiday. And while you are watching, these products would look great on you and at a reasonable price.


A great example! How to guide the customer to the product they want. Jeans can be so complicated at times. (no joke!)


The start of summer is already back to school time for some. Prices and advice are in clear view.


Pushing online.


Helping you with the decision making


You really should get this deal

Sports Direct

Product identification


Reassure shoppers. Only the genuine articles are sold here.


All you need is a bit of imagination. The Reflex Sign Holder can be used in many ways to communicate with shoppers. From pricing to product information and many other ways in between your messages can be put right in front of your shoppers..  Why not try them in your store?

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