Your Account Manager Brings Success To Your POS Display Projects

Without an iota of doubt, the choice of a supplier is a major factor that contributes to the success of any POS display project. Once you have mapped out a detailed project plan and developed a design brief itemising your requirements and project expectations, the supplier can commence the design and manufacture of the display prototype.

The POS display supplier makes use of the finest materials and latest manufacturing techniques to put together a prototype that is representative of your ideal POS display unit. Once you’ve approved the prototype, your project moves on to the manufacturing stage where the required number of units is produced. The supply company should have the systems, equipment, and technical know-how to ensure a consistent level of quality in the final product.

Helmut Lang counter unit
Anything less than top quality is not an option

During the design and manufacturing phase of your POS display project, there must be constant communication between you and the supplier. This ensures that any modifications to the project requirements such as changes in the material to be used, deviations from the agreed upon deadline or critical information concerning a promotional campaign are communicated on time.

To ensure this, professional POS display suppliers assign dedicated account managers to your brand. These managers act as liaisons between you and the supply company and monitor the entire project from start to finish. They ensure that the design and manufacture of your display solutions adhere strictly to the guidelines stipulated in the design brief. They update you on the progress of the project and provide detailed answers to all your inquiries.

Although, account managers are sales focused and their objective is to drive revenue for the supply company, you can take advantage of their wealth of experience to ensure the success of your POS display project. They are your advocate within the supply firm and represent your interests at every point. During the design phase of your POS/POP display project, they help you to come up with ideas that are ideal for your brand and ensure that your needs, requirements, and modifications are accurately communicated to the design team.

account manager and head of design
Here we see Sally (account manager), explaining a design brief to Jason (Head of Design)

Their technical know-how and knowledge of the retail industry are essential during the development of the design brief since the brief is representative of the entirety of the clients’ expectations. They bridge the communication gap between you and the design team and translate all the required technical information into terms that are easily understandable.

KeyTakeaway POS

In most cases, account managers have managed dozens of successful POS display projects and can provide you with valuable insight on the various stages involved in the design and manufacturing of your POS display solution. Their experience and expertise are invaluable when choosing a POS display supplier since they can give you advice and help you avoid potential pitfalls.

The technical know-how and industry expertise of account managers have been captured, condensed and encapsulated in this free guide. By downloading and going through this guide, you will get useful tips and valuable insight that will enable you to ask the right questions, choose a reliable supplier, develop an efficient design brief and guide you through each phase of your POS/POP design project.


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