Three Solutions For a Tough 2017 Retail Environment

Retail shops are having a tough time and some are struggling in 2017. It is becoming more evident that the reasons behind those struggles go far beyond simply blaming it on online retailers. Of course, e-commerce plays a significant role, but brick and mortars have unique benefits to offer that Amazon cannot. The question then becomes how to identify those benefits, how to capitalise on those benefits, and how to do all of it in a cost-effective way.

Regardless of the underlying reasons, there are steps brick and mortar retailers can take to quickly undo some of the damage they’ve faced this year.

Turn it around with tech

If online retailing is cutting into your business, the most obvious way to address a dip in offline sales is to fix the problem with an online solution. The key for physical storefronts is to use the personal nature of an in-person shopping experience and combine it with POS technology to create an experience they simply can’t get from e-commerce.

Some of these solutions are fairly quick and simple to deploy. For instance, due to “last mile” limitations for delivery, it can be difficult for companies to offer certain products online and ship them directly to the customer.

Online-only companies simply don’t have a clear way to address this issue, but brick and mortars can leverage their physical space to take advantage of concepts like “click and collect.” By allowing customers to order online but pick up the item in the store, both the customer and the company save on shipping costs.

More importantly, the process gets the customer into the store where they might find more products they want. In fact, in a 2015 poll of shoppers taken shortly after Christmas, 69% of click and collect shoppers ended up making an additional purchase while in the store. Once set up, this process can quickly have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

Google Shopping for bricks and mortar

This may seem like the opposite of brick and mortar retailing, but the use of a system like Google Shopping has a unique benefit. Research suggests that 25% of shoppers don’t go to physical stores because they’re afraid the item they want will be out of stock when they get there.

Google Shopping allows you to keep updated inventory totals for your products online, even if you don’t actually sell the item online. The setup is quick and easy, and the result is that a significant number of shoppers will be able to enter your store confident that you have the item they need.

Durable and functional equipment

Assessing the use of display equipment may seem boring to some store owners, which is exactly why you should seize the opportunity to upgrade now. With so many stores closing their doors, it’s clear that only those using the most innovative cost-saving techniques will not only survive, but thrive.

Leveraging functional POS displays could have a significant effect on your ability to customise display messages and promotional offers. The Reflex graphic holder from DisplayMode is a durable display holder that can be used on the end of rail arms to draw attention to your products.

Because it fits on 98% of arm ends, the Reflex is endlessly customisable. It is easy to use and can have an immediate impact on the look of your store while creating an easier shopping experience for customers. Most importantly for cash-strapped shop owners, it is brazenly cost-effective.

Contact us today and ask about our free sample boxes so you can see first-hand how our displays can rapidly improve your customer experience.

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