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Shopper 2 for ColArt

Posted: 31 May 2016

Shopper 2 for ColArt

ColArt brands makes tireless efforts to communicate features and benefits of their products to Artists at the point of purchase. Their origins date back to the 18th Century and this proud history is reflected in the esteem they are held in the industry. Committed to producing display stands that highlight their quality products, Displaymode was asked to manufacture a new style of display for their premium Winton and Newton Oil paint range that demonstrated a fresh approach to selling paint.

Displaymode took 6 months developing the units in close collaboration with ColArt, in order to produce a modular system that could hold real paint samples, be interchangeable and flexible enough to be built according to the store's product range.

Intending to capture an already aware customer base keen to see and feel paints prior to buying, the ‘Shopper 2’ displays are a visual treat that guide and inform customers without excessive graphic information or instruction panels.

Three displays are currently in situ on a trial basis; a 3m version in London and two 6m versions in Blicks, New York and Blicks, Chicago. Displaymode manufactured, shipped, installed and merchandised all 3 displays; offering a ‘one stop shop’ service that reflects our reliability and commitment to a valued client.



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