Interactive displays

Take customers into your world with the latest interactive technology. We use touch, sound, scent and vision to enhance the presentation of products. Working with touch screens, LED lighting, sound modules, scent volumizers we can transform displays into living theatre.

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Products are becoming rich in features and content and often a digital presentation is needed to explain a product’s benefits. However we also use clever lighting and enhanced sound delivery to maximise a display’s potential. We also consider the end user demographics to help guide content, response and input devices. We can create interactive displays where media architecture can be regularly updated or refreshed. This means display equipment can have an extended shelf life and reduce on-going costs.

We work with software and electronic designers to create solutions for a wide range of interactive projects. Where possible we utilise solid state electronics for longevity in store, so on-going maintenance is minimised. Our interactive displays also cover mechanical solutions, where the product needs to be touched or demonstrated in a physical way. Our designers work closely with clients to provide cost effective solutions that are fit for purpose. We also undertake rigorous testing prior to delivery or installation.