Prototyping equipment prior to manufacture allows our designers to evaluate structure and functionality.


Prototyping can often start with small test rigs, which are created for moving components and interactive elements prior to build. Concepts are built in production materials where possible, to fully evaluate the design. We test each prototype for function and strength, looking where design elements can be improved or reduced in cost. For large injection moulded components we will create rapid prototype parts. We employ in-house 3D printers for smaller components which can be tested prior to tooling.

With a comprehensive prototype department and an experienced team of prototype engineers, we can quickly realise fully functioning designs in multi-materials. Our in-house digital printing department provides instant access to graphics and banners, so your prototype is ready for appraisal and store trial in very short lead times. Any changes or improvements can be fast tracked, which is only possible because we have comprehensive prototyping facilities.