All work is overseen by our project management team to provide clients with a high level of communication and to ensure that lead times are met.


Our project managers guide each process stage, mapping out and monitoring progress on a CPA. They follow each job from the development phase, into prototyping, client sign off and production. They then follow that project through to delivery, and/or installation. This high level of project management is needed as many of our client projects are launch date sensitive, and linked to additional time critical marketing activities. It is our project manager’s task to liaise with all internal and external stakeholders, keeping communication clear and prompting action when required.

All our project managers have a background in either design and/or production, having the necessary skills to spot and eliminate risk during the life cycle of a project. We encourage our project teams to be the point of contact while jobs are live. Reports are produced with key data which can outline production progress, compliance, timeline information, installation and in-store performance. Project managers also monitor after sales maintenance programs and lead the customer care team.