Display equipment is tailored to your needs and that also includes packaging and distribution.

pick & pack

We understand how to prepare products for delivery. We ship to 33 countries around the world using road, sea and air networks. To ensure your products turn up in pristine condition, we design, develop and custom make all our boxes. We consider how the display item is constructed, handled in store and how that product will be removed from the packaging. Our designers will look at maximising carton strength by using clever cellular structures internally, this reduces waste and ultimately cost.

All new packaging is drop tested from a metre high and shake tested. Our Corby factory has over 6,000 sq. ft dedicated to picking and packing items for store. We offer a call off system for retailers and brands who may need a steady supply of equipment through out the year. A separate 30,000 sq. ft. distribution warehouse is available for direct pick & activities. Our pick & pack systems allow for bespoke labelling, boxing and report data, which can be assessed remotely on request.