POPAI 2017 – Bronze Win for Shell and DisplayMode

With this blog we would like to talk about two things to help you understand how POS displays can make a real difference. The first, a quick word from our MD Leon Edwards and kudos for us. The second, a case study for the Shell Tic-Tac display which has produced some incredible results for our customer.

A message from Leon, our MD

I’m very pleased to announce that we have been recognised with a bronze POPAI award for the Tic Tac display we created for Shell.

The judges said this was: “A design that has achieved high sales by optimising the space it occupies with easy brand identification, and the opportunity to interrupt the shopper journey.” This is an excellent result, in a tough category, and means that we’ve won twice in two years!

A big thank you to all the team involved with the design, production and installation of this display unit. And a special mention must go to Adam as the (now award winning) designer of the unit. Well done Adam – a great effort that we’re all very proud of.

With best wishes

adam and leon
Adam and Leon
Tic Tac 2 POS Display

“We understand that the success of the unit has been proven in terms of a significant sales uplift. It’s also an honour to have won a prestigious POPAI award.”

Case Study:
Tic Tac Design features Tic Tac Resilience

Display inspired by the product it holds

Shell petrol stations have a new look on some of their end displays that are designed to hold and direct attention to Tic Tac confectionery.

tic tac display unit

With Tic Tac set to update their brand packaging in January of 2017, Shell wanted their new display design to roll out in conjunction with that change. The display was to include both the standard Tic Tac packaging, as well as the newer 200 count packages.

This design needed to fit a variety of specifications in order to match existing design and furniture. Not only did it succeed in meeting these requirements, but it also came with an inspired design. Among its unique features is a shape that, even from afar, may remind you of a Tic Tac.

The unit also required the ability to fit on either side of gondola end displays. This would give Shell the flexibility to make use of unused space wherever they find it. It needed it to offer a lifespan of at least two years, which was a foregone conclusion for a display item coming from DisplayMode’s reputable designers and craftsmen.

Next, the unit required reversible brackets; not as simple, but nevertheless, done. And finally, the reversible brackets needed to come in three different versions to fit on different furniture. To meet this challenge, DisplayMode’s diverse team brought together their extensive experience to produce a workable and versatile solution with a simple aesthetic.

Since the installation of the displays, Tic Tac sales have increased 87%, and the brand has solidified its standing in the top 10 sugar confectionery products.

About the client

shell station beaconsfieldRoyal Dutch Shell, commonly known as Shell, is an oil company and petrol distribution and service station provider. They have a global presence that extends to 70 countries around the world. Based on revenues from 2016, Shell is the 6th-largest company in the world and the largest company based in Europe.


  • Create an inspired design, not just another mundane display
  • Design a unit that is able to fit three different versions of furniture
  • Adaptable and reversible to accommodate numerous shelf configurations
  • Utilise unused store space with design that is eye-catching, but not interfering


  • Design shape mimics a Tic Tac
  • Display employed “parasite” bracket unit to adapt to different furniture versions
  • Bracket unit made reversible, creating flexibility for store placement
  • Works as end display to draw attention, but without interfering with other displays
tic tac sales uplift


87% increase in sales since display installation

Why Work with Displaymode

Setting out to provide a bespoke and durable display option was the plan. But DisplayMode managed to meet and exceed expectations with this inspired design that imposes itself amongst a crowd of confectionery delights.

Shell put their trust in an organization with the proven ability and expertise to deliver at every level. As a result, DisplayMode’s final display was a feat of great cooperation and skill, from designers to engineers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring these results to your brand.

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