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At DisplayMode we know how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement of planning a new marketing initiative. For this reason, we advise all our customers to determine exactly what they want to achieve and how they can get there before opting for a particular POP display solution.

Prototyping gives you a chance to assess the viability of your designs along with how they integrate into your retail space. Testing can help you identify potential flaws that must be taken care of prior to full production.

Through prototyping and testing in a store environment, a company can decide whether it should make an investment in higher quality displays, which are more permanent, or in temporary and less expensive displays.

Creating multiple prototypes gives you the chance to evaluate the impact of the POP display solution in the retail space before final deployment. Testing these prototypes at multiple retail locations helps you to identify flaws in the design or messaging and correct them before proceeding to the final production stage.

Also, deploying an array of prototypes in a variety of scenarios enables you to detect errors before your promotion or brand marketing campaign is fully launched. Many brands and retailers roll out POP display solutions without undertaking a pilot test in a controlled environment to check its effectiveness. In such cases, the result of the brand marketing or promotion campaign is often disappointing and fall below expectations. Don’t let that happen to you.

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