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A successful POP display relies on good design. The fact that only 5 per cent of shoppers have brand loyalty gives retailers and manufacturers a huge opportunity to sway purchasing decisions within the store.

A well-designed POP display works to catch the eye of the shopper, retain their attention and encourage them to buy the product.

A POP display needs to do many things – it should increase sales, raise awareness, and educate; it needs to be practical and work within the client’s retail environment; and it must be cost effective to produce. And with all that, it should still look good.

Working with clients the world over, our designers have seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t. Our team combines creative flair and access to cutting-edge technology, with experience and industry knowledge to bring together designs that work. They can also advise on suitable materials to use that will be cost-effective while creating the longevity required for your particular display.

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