Why POP Displays Sell

To sell more, understand your customers”

The above was the title of our most recent infographic, and it makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s simple. If you want to sell more you need to understand your customers better. We created the infographic as a way to share our knowledge about purchasing behaviour, and ultimately creating the point of performance™, so we can work together effectively to co-create solutions. So, let’s share a few facts with you to help shed some light on customer behaviour, and I’ll then give you some pointers as to what you can do about it. At the end you’ll also find a reference section if you want to delve deeper in to the research.

Here are some of the facts about purchasing behaviour (if you prefer things visually view them on the infographic, but make sure you come back here again to read what you can do with these facts, that’s the really important bit).

A few facts and figures:

  • Shoppers will move on after 8-10 seconds if they don’t find what they’re looking for[1]
  • 95% of human behaviour is automatic and driven by emotion[2]
  • Purchase decisions are made in 90 seconds and 60% are influenced by colour alone[3]
  • In-store displays point out promotions, new stock, brands, navigation[4]
  • 70-74% of purchases are not planned[5]
  • 68% of consumers make impulse purchases in-store[6]

Where the best laid plans and strategies fail is simply because not enough consideration has been given to these human behaviours at the conscious and unconscious levels. Point of performance requires us to think wider and more holistically; the question becomes one of how do we align the needs and wants of the shopper with the experience we are giving?

By getting your POP displays right you could maximise potential sales and improve the shoppers’ experiences to your advantage.

Some more facts for you:

  • Displays with signs can yield 20% better performance than those without[7]
  • Using Reflex can boost sales by 25%[8]
  • Inattentional blindness - understand placement for better conversion rates: where will eyes engage?[1]
  • 23% increase in revenue using brand and message consistency[9]
  • Response to in-store marketing: 5% will remain loyal to one brand, 68% will switch[10]
  • Gain from over 60% of buying decisions made at POP[11]
  • Properly advertised price promotions can lead to a POP multiplier of 6[12]
  • Harness colours: emotional response and recall are improved3
  • In-store displays can produce 540% increase in sales, 119% increase in hotspot sales3.

What all these facts and figures demonstrate is that the impact of POP displays cannot be underestimated. Success means getting every step of the sale aligned, all the way through marketing, products, layout, consistent messaging, and promotions.

What this all leads us to is creating the Point of Performance™. Point of Performance™ is the end point of the planning and marketing of products which runs all the way to the final sale. Too often all the marketing budget is used up on product design and advertising and such like, while the final display in-store is forgotten or scrimped upon. But these statistics we have looked at showing shopper behaviour shows us that the in-store environment, where and how you display the product – can make or break your strategy.

KeyTakeaway POS

Take away

We have recently written a number of articles on the demise of the high street and the rise of online. Traditional retailers need to fight back with every advantage at their disposal. The good news is that creating the Point of Performance™ is within their control. Never before has mastery of these concepts been more important to the survival of brands and retailers.

If you don’t plan properly for your in-store environment you will miss the sale, the Point of Performance ™ is lost. You need to give POP the respect and attention it deserves and we can help you. You’ll find loads of helpful resources on our website, and to kick you off take a look at these POP top tips from our design department.

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