Need a GOOD design for POP?

A well designed, well positioned POP display unit will increase your sales. Many purchases in-store are unplanned and made quickly. A POP display can help your products stand out from the crowd, and ultimately increases the chance that a shopper will choose your product.

To have an impact it is important that you position your messages to the right people in the right way, and this is where good design plays a central role.

Displays must:

  • be practical
  • work in the client’s retail environment
  • be economic to manufacture
  • educate potential buyers
  • raise awareness
  • increase sales.

With POP displays needing to perform on so many different levels, good design is fundamental to its success. At DisplayMode, our designers use proprietary concepts and cutting-edge technology to create innovative display solutions that can engage customers and convince them to take the actions desired. To find out more contact us on +44 (0) 1536 460805 or please fill in the contact form on this  page.

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