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New GDPR Rules and Permission to Contact You

In the past, we have sent you guides, hints, tips, articles and content relating POS Displays. We have kept any commercial messages to an absolute minimum and we hope that you have enjoyed our content.

The new European GDPR rules on data protection mean that we must take extra care of your personal data. Not only that, we must have express permission from you in how we will use your personal data.

We ask that you complete the form on the right to provide your permission. You will be sent an email from MailChimp to confirm your subscription. (This is called double opt-in.)

Our purpose for using your personal data

  • We will send you occasional helpful emails from time to time.
  • We will not rent or pass on your details to anyone else.
  • Your data will be processed by us, our website, MailChimp and a marketing tool called Spokal. (Spokal and MailChimp allow us to understand how our content is being perceived and its popularity.) Our online shop also uses Paypal to process sales.
  • If we see that you have been engaging with our content to a high degree, we would like to take the opportunity of contacting you directly to see if we might be able to help you further. We will use common sense and we will not pester you. For example, we might suggest further interesting content to help you.
  • We comply with the  GDPR regulation, not only with the technical aspects but also in spirit.

You should also check out our GDPR, privacy and cookie policies.

Thank you for helping us to provide a better service.