COVID-19 – If you can think it, our factory can make it

The COVID-19 fightback can start now.  We all need to stay safe and take defensive precautions and many of us are working from home, just like you. Our factory is ready, with strict measures in place such as social distancing, to make a contribution. We can design, make products and find solutions to ease conditions at the front line.  Hospitals, emergency services, suppliers and other factories responding to the crisis might need our support, we are ready to help. If you have a need or can think of a problem that needs solving, we can probably make it.

If you can imagine it, we can make it. With this blog we wanted to give you a few ideas on how we could help you to stay even safer. Good design is of critical importance and by this we mean, material choice and the details that matters such as surfaces that are easy to clean or containers made to keep used items out of sight and touch.

Solutions Using Appropriate Materials

Face Shields (also known as Plastic Face Masks, Screens, Sneeze Guards)

  • Supplied flat packed for easy (hand screw fixings) so that the shields can be replaced if damaged.
  • Visor made from Petg

Adapted Solutions Gained From Our Extensive Portfolio

dispenser to fight Covid19


designed in house bin
Modular Protective Screen
This modular screen protector can be set up easily and provides protection from coughs and sneezes at reception desks and checkouts.


Lock box to keep PPE safe at work
Keep your personal PPE safe at work

Please contact our team to discuss your requirements. With a little bit of ingenuity we can all help to defeat COVID-19