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How to Convince Shoppers to Buy from YOU and not From the Competition

Posted: 6 March 2018

Brick-and-mortar stores have one major goal: to convince shoppers to buy from them and not from the competition.

In order to achieve their goal, brands and retailers have basically tried everything, from filling their commercial spaces with alluring scents to playing soft music. But most of them have overlooked one essential factor that could help them reach their full potential: using the “silent in-store sales assistants” the right way.

As there are different ways to convert graphic holder displays into your silent sales assistants, here are some suggestions we’d like to share to help you make your displays more efficient.

Displays that Focus on Brand Consistency

in-store message consistency

Tie rail and product together with consistent messaging

Most marketing professionals will agree that consistency is key to successful branding. Thus, when developing bespoke retail display solutions, it is important that your messages remain focussed and consistent.

The benefits of keeping your displays consistent are manifold. The first—and possibly most important one—is that consistency makes specific messages clear to everyone. More importantly, consistency in branding among in-store displays will increase sales not only through impulse buying but also through brand exposure. In addition to attracting maximum customer attention and increasing brand awareness, consistency in store formats combined with well-designed, high-quality sign holders can boost the perceived value of your products.

I know what I am getting

Displays that Encourage Shoppers to Visualise Themselves Wearing Garments

Other than presenting different products or promotions, sign holder displays can be used to add an image of someone using a product or wearing a piece of clothing.

Therefore, these sign holders can give shoppers a better idea on how a product can be used or a sense of what an advertised clothing item will look like on them.

Whether the impressions resulting from an image inserted into a sign holder are conscious or unconscious, the greatest thing is that those impressions can lead to impulse buying.

Displays that Reinforce Communication and Make Offers Clear

Make the deals clear

One way to guide customers around your store effectively is to use sign holders that indicate the items that can be found in a specific aisle.

using end-of-arms displays to make offers clear

Pointing out the signs!

What’s more, using sign holders to set particular offers apart is a great strategy to call attention to particular sales promotions.

Notice how these sign holders attract customer attention and bring shoppers to clearly defined focal points.

As a result, these displays can stimulate impulse buying, whilst simplifying the shopping process and extending the amount of time customers spend in store. Additionally, these sign holders aid retailers in maximising available space by organising shelf and floor space better.

In conclusion, these display solutions teach us a valuable lesson: by using relevant displays, brick-and-mortar retailers can guide shoppers around stores more effectively, increase dwell time, reduce shopper frustration and provide an excellent shopping experience. All these will eventually increase in-store sales and profit margins.


At DisplayMode, we know that every retailer and every brand is looking for something different or unique. Not only is our design team is committed to exploring new ways to showcase your products; we also combine our professionalism and extensive experience with unique service levels to ensure that every project is successfully executed. To find out more information about our display solutions and services, please contact us at DisplayMode today!

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