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Face-outs Improve Store Sales by upto 25%

Are you looking to improve retail sales performance?

  • Promotional items not selling?
  • Sales offers not clear enough?
  • Customers not finding what they want?

What if there was a simple and cost effective solution that gave you a better customer experience, made your promotions work harder, increased sales and was quick and easy to implement?

Introducing the Reflex graphic holder

Welcome to DisplayMode's unique Reflex end-of-arm point of sale graphic holder. This range of globally patented display products come with unmatched versatility:

  • Sizes and attachments to suit all applications
  • Fits 98% of arm ends
  • Features simple installation
  • Robust construction that bends not breaks
  • Proven in retailers across the globe

Sold to US retailers for over five years

Try them out for yourself

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Tips For Better POS

Customers seek to be efficient with their time., This means that the amount of time they spend in your store is limited. The average customer does not walk down every aisle, go to every department, look at all the goods you are offering, or take a great deal of time comparing items for purchase. Most customers walk into stores with a predetermined ...
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If you’re looking for ways to deliver the best customer journey in your store, point of purchase display products, like DisplayMode’s end-of-arm Reflex graphic holders should definitely become part of your strategy. Here are seven ways you can use these tools to bring unexpected diversity, versatility and “static interactivity” into your retail space.
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